Gard-X Fabric Scotchgard Protection


After cleaning, an application of Gard-X to upholstery and textiles will provide a protective shield to 'resist' future stains and minimise everyday wear.

Gard-X Fabric Protection & Stain Repellent is the best way to protect all household/office upholstery and fabrics. After cleaning, an application of protective Gard-X coats individual textile fibres with a durable shield – enabling them to resist future dirt or liquid stains and minimise the effects of everyday wear.

Being invisible, Gard-X Fabric Protector imperceptibly protects the beauty of your precious carpets, rugs, drapes and furnishings. Gard-X is a must for protecting delicate furnishings found in the country’s finest homes.

Gard-X is completely wool safe, offering a fluorocarbon carpet & fabric protection treatment. It is environmentally friendly, with a PH Level 0f 4, and is totally child and pet friendly. Applied when your carpets or upholstery have just been steam-cleaned, it encapsulates soil and dirt, allowing you to vacuum it out, retaining the appearance of a newly cleaned carpet much longer.

Gard-X is especially good for heavy traffic areas in your home or office, please ask Andrew for further details.


For further information on Gard-X or a quote call Andrew on MOBILE: 07870 358198