Carpets & Rugs

There are three main processes used in carpet cleaning:


1. Hot water extraction

Recommended by both wool and synthetic carpet manufacturers, hot water extraction is the main method used for ‘restorative cleaning’, as it effectively lifts the pile and helps to enhance the original colours. 

1. Hoover

2. Apply Cleaning Agent (eco-friendly)

3. Agitate

4. Rinse

5. Dry (turbo blowers for fast drying time)

6. Protect

It is recommended that domestic and most office carpets should be restoratively cleaned once a year.


2. Encapsulation

Particularly useful for commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance, encapsulation uses world-class chemistry to surround dirt particles in a way that stops it attracting other soil. This allows easy release from the carpet fibre of soil which is then quickly vacuumed up, resulting in a carpet that stays clean longer.


3. Dry cleaning

Best used along with periodic hot water extraction cleaning using a rotary absorbent pad, this method uses low moisture, therefore drying quicker. This means the carpet can be walked on immediately minimising disruption to customers.

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