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Anti-Microbial Sanitising & Disinfectant Cleaning Services

Our Anti-Microbial cleaning service gives long lasting protection against all common bacteria and virus strains including MRSA, C.diff, H1N1, Salmonella, E.coli, HIV, Aspergillus and Coronavirus.

By sourcing a BS EN14476 nationally approved disinfectant, we provide our customers with fully sanitised Commercial and Residential Properties.  Now more than ever it is crucial to keep your Business or Residential premises as clean as possible.

Recommended to facilities that require the highest standards of hygiene such as:


Healthcare Facilities

Food Processing Environments

Nursing Homes



Fitness Gyms


We will provide full certification to any commercial or residential customer using this service that can be displayed on your premises, showing your customers you are taking essential precautions to keep them safe.

How it Works 

The disinfectant we spray onto surfaces forms a covalent bond which allows it to remain affixed to any hard or soft surface. The surface is then positively charged generated by a nitrogen molecule, which pulls in negatively charged microbes. Through a long chain carbon, this unique assembly penetrates the cytoplasmic membrane physically stabbing the cell releasing ions, denaturing proteins and causing cytoplasm to leak so the cell is then destroyed. This renders the microbe dead and incapable of any adaptation.

Keeping Your Commercial and Residential Properties Safe!

Using specialist chemicals and techniques, we deliver premium Anti-Microbial Sanitising & Disinfectant Services!